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Aggression in Multi-Cat Households

Inter-cat aggression can be stressful. Maybe the introduction of a new cat wasn’t appreciated by your resident kitty, or maybe you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed by your cats who were previously best friends, now turned into mortal enemies. If you have constant fighting between cats or are living in a home full of closed doors and baby gates, we are here to help. 

Of all the behavior problems my clients are faced with, it tends to be the most time-consuming and unfortunately can sometimes take many months to resolve. I realized that my clients need more support for these situations and someone to really hold their hands through the process. That’s why I do things a little bit differently with this type of appointment. 

You begin with a 90-minute evaluation appointment, either virtual or in-home. From there, we’ll move into a month-to-month subscription at $150 per month. This subscription includes four face-to-face virtual meetings with us each month, so you’ll be getting weekly check-ins. We’ll use those meetings to fine-tune our plan and be able to accurately judge when it’s time to take a step forward. Cancel the subscription any time, but know that as long as you’re enrolled in the subscription, we’ll have your back. 

To sign up for your initial evaluation, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click the button below to sign up for your subscription when you’re ready.

Decorate cat paw logos