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Preparing for Your First Appointment

Before Any Session


Cats have a tendency to be just that – cats. We can’t always get them to perform the problem behaviors in front of me. If you have a particularly shy or uncooperative kitty, it is very helpful for me to get photos and videos in advance of our appointment.

  • All clients, particularly human or inter-cat aggression cases. Please collect any videos of the behavior you are seeing in advance in case your cat does not show it off during our session. DO NOT set your cat up to fail in order to collect these videos. You can upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox and email me the link.
  • Virtual litter box clients. I must have photos of your litter box set up! Some clients also choose to do a video home tour including problem areas, which is very helpful. Finally, it is very helpful to have a diagram of the layout your home and where your cat’s key resources (litter boxes, food, water, scratching posts, etc) are kept. I am not looking for you to be a professional artist with this!


Most behavior plans will include clicker training. Know what your cat finds the most rewarding/most valuable. It may be a favorite toy; it probably is a favorite treat. You will want to have these on hand once we begin training.

I also recommend purchasing a clicker or Clik Stik. Litter box clients usually will not need a clicker. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me. 


I use Zoom for my virtual sessions. You will need an account and will need to have the app on your phone, if using your phone. I prefer for clients to use laptops, but a tablet or phone is fine if you don’t have access to one. If you are not tech-savvy, I recommend testing your camera and microphone in advance to maximize your time with me during your appointment.

Your cat does not have to be present for the initial virtual consultation. During follow ups, we may work on specific skills with your cat in real time, but we will discuss this in advance.

Decorate cat paw logos