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Preparing for Your First Appointment


Congratulations on taking the first step. We know this is a tough and stressful time and we’re committed to helping you through it! At our first appointment, we will develop a personalized training plan tailored to your goals and your cats’ individual behavior needs. We rely on science-based, positive reinforcement training methods with an emphasis on using counterconditioning and desensitization to modify fearful and aggressive behavior safely, humanely, and effectively. 

Please note that we generally have a waiting period of between 3-4 weeks for an appointment. This is because we are exceptionally good at what we do and are recognized as an expert in the field. Our specialized knowledge and successful track record make us well worth the wait, ensuring that you and your cat receive the highest quality behavioral support.


  1. Everyone starts with a 90-minute initial evaluation appointment. This can happen either in person or virtually. If you prefer an in person visit, be sure you are within my travel area (within 15 miles of 1716 Merritt Blvd (North Point Library)) and be sure to check the Home Visit box. It’s easy to miss!
  2. When booking, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed history form. This is your chance to tell me all about your cat and what you’re experiencing.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email! I’m happy to clarify things and make suggestions.
  4. At the end of our first meeting, I will make my recommendations for follow up. You can read more about follow up options below. It may take several sessions before we meet your goals. 


All clients begin with a 90-minute evaluation appointment. This appointment is priced at $225 (with additional $40 travel fee if in home) and includes: 

  • Email support immediately upon booking, even if your first appointment is several weeks away
  • A unique written behavior plan tailored to your specific cat
  • Access to appropriate handouts and resources
  • Two weeks of follow up via email
  • Ability to schedule follow up packages


We offer packages in single, double, triple, six, and ten follow-up appointments. Often, it is difficult to know exactly how long we’ll be working together — but I can make a recommendation as to what package will work best for you after our initial appointment. The packages below are listed with examples of what concerns they may be best for.

  • Single Follow Up: $80
      • Minor concerns such as scratching furniture or counter surfing
  • Two Follow Ups: $150 with 60 days of email support
      • Most litter box issues
  • Three Follow Ups: $225 with 90 days of email support
      • More complex litter box issues, play aggression, minor tension between pets
  • Six Follow Ups: $450 with 120 days of email support
      • Stranger danger, noise phobia, conflict with kids or dogs
  • Ten Follow Ups: $775 with 300 days of email support
      • Severe fear and/or aggression

For reintroductions and other inter-cat aggression cases, I offer a separate subscription service that includes weekly meetings, a private Facebook group, and monthly support group sessions. Subscription spots are extremely limited and competitive. See the Inter-Cat Aggression tab for more information. 


Cats have a tendency to be just that – cats. We can’t always get them to perform the problem behaviors in front of me. If you have a particularly shy or uncooperative kitty, it is very helpful for me to get photos and videos in advance of our appointment.

  • All clients, particularly human or inter-cat aggression cases. Please collect any videos of the behavior you are seeing in advance in case your cat does not show it off during our session. DO NOT set your cat up to fail in order to collect these videos. You can upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox and email me the link.
  • Virtual litter box clients. I must have photos of your litter box set up! Some clients also choose to do a video home tour including problem areas, which is very helpful. Finally, it is very helpful to have a diagram of the layout your home and where your cat’s key resources (litter boxes, food, water, scratching posts, etc) are kept. I am not looking for you to be a professional artist with this!


I use Zoom for my virtual sessions. You will need an account and will need to have the app on your phone, if using your phone. I prefer for clients to use laptops, but a tablet or phone is fine if you don’t have access to one. If you are not tech-savvy, I recommend testing your camera and microphone in advance to maximize your time with me during your appointment.

Your cat does not have to be present for the initial virtual consultation. During follow ups, we may work on specific skills with your cat in real time, but we will discuss this in advance.

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