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A closeup of an aggressive cat displaying a growl.

5 Reasons for Aggressive Behavior in Cats

With bites or scratches directed towards people or other pets, an aggressive cat can be dangerous and distressing in any household. By understanding your cat’s aggression, you can create a plan to address your cat’s needs.

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counter surfing

Keeping Cats Off Your Counters

Counters are naturally reinforcing and incredibly interesting to cats. But with an understanding of the cat’s behavior, you can keep your cats away from these restricted areas.

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target training

Target Training for Cats

Training empowers them to have control by choosing to perform behaviors that will earn them good things like treats. Once they learn a behavior like targeting, it can be used to make scary situations more positive.

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bengal cat

Do Hybrid Cats Make Good Pets?

Hybrid cats such as Bengals and Savannahs have become an intriguing choice for people that want a unique and wild pet. However, a hybrid’s wild tendencies can make them unfit to live in a standard home environment.

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