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Attention-Seeking and Nuisance Behaviors

Attention-seeking and nuisance behaviors like scratching furniture, meowing at night, and counter surfing can be frustrating and challenging to handle on your own. This is where we come in! We have the knowledge and tools to address problem behaviors in your cat and improve your quality of life and relationship with your kitty.

Some people may call cats independent or aloof, but we know better. It’s very common for cats to display attention-seeking behaviors like meowing excessively, pawing or clawing at your legs, or jumping on your dining room table. While these behaviors are overall harmless, they can become annoying if they’re constant and disruptive to your daily routine.

We can help you understand why your cat looks for attention in these ways and how to redirect their behavior to something more appropriate. We provide tips for giving your cat more mental and physical stimulation, like using puzzle feeders or toys that mimic natural prey behavior. We can also help with creating a consistent routine for your cat’s playtime and feeding schedule, which can help reduce their need for to exhibit these obnoxious behaviors.

If you’re struggling with problem behaviors like scratching furniture or counter surfing, or if your cat is otherwise annoying you in some shape or form, get in touch with us. We got this!

Decorate cat paw logos