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Individual Sessions

We have a variety of session types available if you are only interested in meeting once. You can always add on follow ups later!

Please note: for human-directed aggression cases where your cat has caused harm to a human at least once, you must start with a Human-Directed Aggression Evaluation. This is to assess risk factor, determine quality of life for both you and your cat, and prepare an appropriate plan for moving forward.

Looking for help with introducing cats or inter-cat aggression? You’re looking for an Inter-Cat Aggression evaluation appointment.

If you have any questions, I would suggest sending me an email prior to booking.

One and Done

($225 virtual, $255 in person) This 90-minute consultation is appropriate for any and all behavior issues (excluding aggression cases) and is available both virtually and in person. With it, you’ll receive immediate advice on managing your cat’s behavior, a customized behavior modification plan sent to you following your consultation accompanied by relevant resources and handouts and two weeks of follow up email support.

One and Done Plus

($300 virtual, $330 in person) Everything included in the one and done, plus a little extra. You’ll get one month of follow up email support instead of only two weeks, plus up to three (3) 15-minute Zoom calls (scheduled with me via email, 48 hours’ notice please) for working on skills together or pressing questions, to be used during that month.

Single Follow Up

($75, virtual only) You may purchase a 45-minute follow up session after any one and done consultation or any package if your situation requires further guidance. Single follow ups must be purchased within one month of the date of your last appointment, or you may be asked to start over with another initial consultation. (If you are a current client, please email me to get the link to schedule a follow up. Follow ups must be scheduled within 60 days of your One and Done, or you may need to start over.)

Quick Q&A

($65, virtual only) The 30-minute Q&A session is great for answering those pressing questions about your cat’s behavior. How do I get my cat to stop jumping on my counters? Why does my cat wake me up at night? What is the best litter box to buy for my cat? It can also be used as a way to get a feel for me as a behavior consultant and determine if a complete package is right for you and your cat. The Q&A does not include any customized plans or follow-up. It is not appropriate for cases involving litter box issues or aggression of any type.

Decorate cat paw logos